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Special Guests

The following guests have graced our ears with their mellifluous (or malignant) tones.  We were glad to have them share a chair at our table!


Davey BeauchampDavey Beauchamp (episode 16) – Davey is a librarian/panelist/podcaster/writer/artist and Whovian Extraordinaire. Don’t believe us?  Check out Gallifrey Pirate Radio!




bob beshereBob Beshere (episode 20A) -Bob Beshere has been performing improv, sketch, and stand-up comedy since the tender age of 17. A resident of Greensboro, NC; he performs regularly at The Idiot Box and is a member of the award-winning sketch comedy group Mon Frere.




al bigley phantasm batman mask dc comicsAl Bigley (episode 12) – Al  is an award-winning illustrator and in-demand commercial artist, providing artwork to such clients as: Golden Books, DC Comics, CTW, Disney, Marvel Comics, Saban, Film Roman, Scholastic, McDonald’s, Kenner Toys, and many more. To find out more about Al Bigley, visit  Also, make sure to check out his YouTube channel by clicking HERE.  For classes, check


Uriah Braden – (episode 14)- Uriah Braden is the owner of Be There Games in Indian Trail, NC and is a proud supporter of the Geek Gala and the Charlotte Geeks.  You can find out more about Be There Games on their website:




Field and Mat RoJoField Cantey and Mathew Schantz (episode 7) – They say they are just friends, but we know they have a Rainbow Connection of some sort . . .

Field and Mat are both members of Robot Johnson, a sketch comedy group based here in Charlotte, NC. You may also recognize Mat from his appearances with the Mon Frere Sketchy Comedy Group based out of Greensboro, NC.  To find out more about Robot Johnson, visit their website at

Randal and Judy ChouJudy and Randal Chou (episode 8) – Judy and Randal are the directors of “That Type” Rocky Horror Charlotte Cast.  Their group has performed as the shadow cast for The Rocky Horror Picture Show throughout Charlotte, plus additional events at conventions like ConCarolinas and Mad Monster Party.  For more information, visit their Facebook page.



Candice Zaq RogersCandice Cortinas & Zaq Rogers (episode 13) – Both Candice and Zaq have been with Robot Johnson sketch comedy since the very beginning (Halloween 2007).     To find out more about Robot Johnson,



Chris DeLisleChris DeLisle (episode 6) – Christopher DeLisle is an assistant organizer for The Charlotte Geeks and staff volunteer for The Geek Gala.   Find out more about his game company, Empire Games, at



John and GarrettJohn Dondero and Garrett Mooneyhan (episode 9) – John and Garrett are the stars and staff of the Doctor Who fan film series Doctor Who: Lucky 13. Coming May 2015! For more information, visit their Facebook page.

Synopsis:  During an alternate reality version of his 13th regeneration, The Doctor (John Dondero) continues his incredible adventures throughout time and space alongside a new companion: IT programmer Robert Morgan (Garrett Mooneyhan). 

Shelton_blue_webShelton Drum (episode 21) – Shelton Drum is the owner of the Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find comic book store and founder of the renowned annual Heroes Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.  For more information on Shelton, his comic book store, and HeroesCon, visit



John HartnessJohn Hartness (episode 3) – John is the author of the Bubba the Monster Hunter series and The Black Knight Chronicles.  He also does his own podcast called Literate Liquors.  To learn more about John, visit his website



Tania and BrandonTania Kelly and Brandon Lee Ballard (episode 5) – Tania and Brandon are members of Robot Johnson, a sketch comedy group based here in Charlotte, NC.  To find out more about Robot Johnson, visit their website at



Sean KeenanSean Keenan (episode 21) – Sean Keenan is one of the founders of Robot Johnson,  a sketch comedy group based out of Charlotte, North Carolina.  Sean is also one of the original members of Charlotte stalwart comedy group The Perch, and was the hand and voice behind “Talking Baby” as seen on MTV2 in the early 2000s.  Sean is also co-host for The Hero Movie Podcast, a funny, nerdy podcast about superhero movies.  For more information on Robot Johnson, visit And make sure to check out Sean’s weekly podcast on iTunes!  

Darin KennedyDarin Kennedy (episode 4) – Darin is a Doctor by Day, Novelist by Night. He recently published his first novel, Mussorgsky’s Riddle,  and it is available from Curiosity Quills Press.  To learn more about Darin, visit his website




Micki KnopMicki Knop (episode 22) – Micki Knop is one of the assistant organizers of The Charlotte Geeks and has been on the committee for the Geek Gala since almost the beginning.  She is our residence Goddess of Trivia and has hosted many trivia nights for The Geeks in the past and hopefully again in the future.  In addition, she is a voracious reader, a lover of bad movies, and an amazing cook.  You can read some of her recent posts on our sister website for The Charlotte Geeks. 


Cher-LambethCheralyn Lambeth (episode 19) – Cher is a professional costume, prop and puppet builder. She also writes non-fiction ghost books and puppet/cosplay books.

Check out her website at



MikeyguitarMikey Mason (episode 20C) – Mikey Mason is a comedy rockstar by day and a nerd alll the time!  In addition to touring the country, he also has a few podcasts of his own including All in the Reflexes and Beer-Powered Time Machine.   To find out even more about Mikey, visit his website at



Melinda MetzMelinda Metz (episode 17) – library assistant and writer of awesomeness joined us for our 17th Episode.  Check out her website for all the amazing stuff she has written and done!




Nancy_headshot_new-228x300Nancy Northcott (episode 23) – Nancy Northcott is an author of romantic science fiction. Her debut novel, Renegade, received a starred review from Library Journal. Nancy is a three-time RWA Golden Heart finalist and has won the Maggie, the Molly, the Emerald City Opener, and Put Your Heart in a Book. For more information on Nancy and her mages, visit her website


Graham OdomGraham Odom (episode 10) – Graham is a member of the sketch comedy group Robot Johnson.  Despite his best efforts, his appearance did provide us with sincere joy. To find out more about Robot Johnson, visit



Matthew SaundersJ. Matthew Saunders (episode 18) – is the writer of  the Daughters of Shadow & Blood series. Check out his website for more information!




Stephen SchonewolfStephen Schonewolf (episode 22) – Stephen is a member of The Charlotte Geeks, the The Royal Manticoran Navy, the fan association for Honor Harrington and the Honorverse (a military science fiction series written by David Weber).   He has also recently joined as a volunteer for HonorCon.



DelightedDelighted Tobehere (episode 15) – Delighted Tobehere (formerly known as Roxy C. Moorecox) is a drag queen extraordinaire.  Keep up with her journey at




Valentine Wolfe RunningValentine Wolfe (episode 20B)Braxton Ballew and Sarah Black have been composing and performing music together as Valentine Wolfe since 2006.  They call themselves “Purveyeros, Performers, and Composers of the finest Macabre Melodies for Voice, Double Bass, and Electronics. Proudly providing elegant decadence for Living, Dead, and Otherwise, since 2006.” To find out more about Valentine Wolfe, visit their website at 


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