About Us

We are the Guardians of the Geekery!  We are the official podcast of The Charlotte Geeks and their annual charity event, The Geek Gala.

Our goal is to provide the Geekdom of Charlotte, NC with info and insights on all the geeky happenings  around the Queen City, across the interwebz, and our opinions of the geekiness we find on the big and small screens and the written pages. 

PLEASE NOTE:  We don’t claim to be the geekiest folks out there, just the ones guarding your right to Get Your Geek On! 

Our Members Include: 

StarnesLordMatt the StarnesLord

Matt is the dubious leader of the group and is known to rock the mic from way back – both while at Appalachian University as well as on various stations here in Charlotte.  Writer of several comics including the creation of  Leather Jacket Guy, his fandoms include Star Wars, The Walking Dead, Spiderman, and the DC Universe.  To find out more, visit him at www.themattstarnes.com 

Carol the CatCarol the Cat

Carol has long been a guardian of Geek Culture in Charlotte.  She has served for several years as the Program Director for ConCarolinas and helped launch the Carolina Renaissance Festival (and its sister festival in Arizona) for the first 13 years. She also is known for her fabulous crafting and ferocious literary appetite. Her fandoms include all things Hobbit, Doctor Who, The Walking Dead and skulls – lots of skulls.  To find out more, visit her at www.thegraycat.com.

looking up iconJoey the GiddyGeeker

Joey started The Charlotte Geeks in 2008 and the Geek Gala charity event in 2009.  She embraced her geekiness later in life and has been frantically trying to make up for lost time.  Her fandoms include Doctor Who, Firefly, Marvel Movies (she’s catching up on the comics) and board gaming.  She definitely would consider herself a “general purpose” geek that gets giddy over many, many things.  To find out more, visit her at www.joeywrites.com.


Tiffany The Tech Lord  (a woman of mystery – and she likes it that way!  Profile to come.)

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